Adagio Edit

Attack Type: Ranged

Position: Jungle/Lane
Role: Protector

Hit Points (HP) 719 (+85) HP Regen 2.18 (+0.26)
Energy Points (EP) 400 (+35) EP Regen 2.67 (+0.23)
Weapon Damage 64 (+4.9) Attack Speed 1 (+)
Armor 20 (+6) Shield 20 (+6)
Attack Range 6.8 Move Speed 3.2

Adagio is bored ... but he hopes not for much longer. Five heroes have gathered before the Halcyon Well to entertain him. Allies and enemies alike think this is deadly battle; for Adagio, it's amusing child's play. With a lineage that's part elder dragon, Adagio possesses unimaginable power that he wields with minimal effort and care. It may be true he could wipe out all the battle's enemies—and perhaps level the Fold itself—with a single flick of the wrist, but such easy victories grow tiring. Instead, he'll hold back, bestow whispers of his power to allies and see which way the wind blows. But woe unto those who underestimate Adagio; when he focuses his Arcane powers on himself, he transforms into a ferocious and brutal warrior.The master manipulator of large-scale battles, Adagio brings incredible teamfight presence with huge area-of-effect damage and team-saving abilities. He almost seems too good: He can heal. He can amplify damage. He can stun and nuke the entire enemy team. ... But none of these can be achieved easily without team-wide coordination. Adagio is extremely flexible and can start as laner, jungler or roamer.



Arcane Renewal Edit

Slot: Heroic Perk

Whenever enemies burning with Arcane Fire take damage from any source, Adagio regenerates 20% of that damage as energy.


Gift of Fire Edit

Slot: A

Adagio heals a target ally and splashes Arcane Fire onto nearby enemies, dealing damage every second. If Adagio targets himself, he'll also slow nearby enemies by 70% for 1.5 seconds.


Agent of Wrath Edit

Slot: B

Temporarily increases target ally's basic attack power for 6 seconds. Deals 50% more damage to enemies burning with Arcane Fire. If Adagio targets himself, deals an additional 20% more damage.


Verse of Judgement Edit

Slot: C

Adagio channels for 2 seconds then deals grievous damage to all enemies in a wide, rune-marked ring around him. Enemies burning with Arcane Fire are also stunned.


What you need to know: Edit

  • Adagio is much more than just a support; all his abilities have an offensive element.
  • His heal sets nearby enemies on fire and starts any combo; his other abilities are more powerful when used on burning enemies.
  • Slows and stuns are the keys to keeping enemies in range of Adagio's ultimate.

Tips for playing Adagio: Edit

  • Since anything on fire recharges Adagio's energy when attacked, as long as you or allies keep attacking flaming things, the ability is basically free.
  • Self-healing packs a strong AOE slow, which can be used to disengage.
  • Triggering Reflex Block (defense item) will protect Adagio when channeling his ultimate.

Tips for playing Vs. Adagio: Edit

  • Ringo is fast and slippery enough to avoid most of Adagio's abilities.
  • Building Atlas Pauldron will protect you from Adagio's (and allies') frequent ranged basic attacks.
  • Catherine's stun or Koshka's ultimate can cancel Adagio's ultimate during the channeling period ... provided Adagio doesn't use Reflex Block.