Ardan Edit

Ardan splash
Attack Type: Melee

Position: Roam
Role: Protector

Hit Points (HP) 801 (+74) HP Regen 3.39 (+0.35)
Energy Points (EP) N/A (+N/A) EP Regen N/A (+N/A)
Weapon Damage 80 (+6.7) Attack Speed 1 (+0.033)
Armor 30 (+6) Shield 20 (+6)
Attack Range 1.8 Move Speed 3.3

Ardan is a damage-soaking protector who dramatically changes the landscape of teamfights. Able to rescue friends from certain death and turn lost battles around with his powerful terrain-changing ultimate, Ardan brings immense utility to the team. Start Ardan in either the lane or jungle, depending on which ally you want to protect most.



Julia's Gift Edit

Slot: Heroic Perk

Ardan heals for a percentage of his missing health every time he takes damage. Instead of energy, Ardan uses a yellow meter called Vengeance. Vengeance builds over time and can also be gained with basic attacks, critical strikes and abilities. Because Ardan has no energy, any bonus energy and energy regeneration are converted to crystal power. .


Vanguard Edit

Slot: A

Ardan dashes to an ally, damaging and slowing nearby enemies while granting the target a burst of move speed and a barrier that scales with Ardan's bonus health. Any time the ally takes damage, Ardan gains vengeance. This ability can be used on Ardan, but the barrier, speed boost and vengeance gain is only half as strong. .


Blood for Blood Edit

Slot: B

Ardan leaps and punches his target. This deals crystal as well as weapon damage (that can crit) and applies basic-attack effects. Blood for Blood can only be activated when Ardan has 100% vengeance and will consume all of it. .


Gauntlet Edit

Slot: C

Ardan throws down the gauntlet, projecting a perimeter around the target area and gaining full vengeance. Enemies who cross the perimeter are stunned and take crystal damage. Successfully stunning an enemy grants Ardan vengeance. If Ardan leaves the perimeter it is immediately destroyed. .