Catherine Edit

Attack Type: Melee

Position: Jungle
Role: Protector

Hit Points (HP) 772 (+67) HP Regen 4.06 (+0.35)
Energy Points (EP) 200 (+24) EP Regen 1.33 (+0.16)
Weapon Damage 74 (+6.1) Attack Speed 1 (+0.033)
Armor 20 (+5) Shield 25 (+8)
Attack Range 1.5 Move Speed 3.4

Catherine won't knock at your door; she'll smash it down. Catherine won't flinch from your weapon; she'll stride straight toward it. And if you're not already trembling, she'll make the very earth quake beneath your feet. She is Stormguard. For most, that carries the weight and gravity of history. For the uninitiated, it won't take long to learn that her military faction of "protectors" is the elite of the elite. Now with no one to protect or take orders from, she has become ronin. Without heart or purpose, she is all the more dangerous. Don't cross her.Catherine brings the most reliable stun and disruption skills to teamfights and ganks. Hard to kill and great at chasing, she can secure kills and turn around fights that would otherwise be lost. Catherine can soak up damage and strike fear on sight. Try roaming between jungle and lane, and try different item builds to unlock her full potential.



Panzer Faust Edit

Slot: Heroic Perk

Catherine gains 1 armor every time she stuns or silences an enemy hero with her abilities.



Merciless Pursuit Edit

Slot: A

Catherine gains a burst of move speed. Her next basic attack is replaced by a powerful stun attack. Resets auto-attack cooldown on activation.


Stormguard Edit

Slot: B

Activates a pulsating bubble that burns nearby enemies and deflects damage over 10% of Catherine's base health to nearby enemies. Each deflection reduces the duration of Stormguard by 0.5 seconds.


Blast Tremor Edit

Slot: C

Catherine slams the ground, damaging & silencing enemies in a large cone in front of her. .

What you need to know: Edit

  • Catherine is a stun and disruption machine and a terrifying lane ganker.
  • Her Stormguard ability reflects burst damage, making her extremely tanky in fights.
  • She's adept at peeling for teammates and protecting squishier allies in the jungle.

Tips for playing Catherine: Edit

  • Use Catherine's stun to cancel Adagio & Koshka's ultimates and SAW's spin up.
  • Blast Tremor followed by Merciless Pursuit is an amazing initiation combo as long as the whole team dives in at the same time.
  • Catherine can successfully gank the lane at level 1 using the Merciless Pursuit.

Tips for playing Vs. Catherine: Edit

  • Adagio’s Gift of Fire and Agent of Wrath deals too many small ticks of damage, preventing Catherine’s Stormguard barrier from doing its job.
  • Avoid using abilities on Catherine while her Stormguard barrier is up. Ringo's ultimate fired into her barrier will do more splash-back harm to allies than good.
  • Expect frequent lane ganks. Do not stray too far from your turret unless you see Catherine is elsewhere on the mini-map.