Koshka Edit

Attack Type: Melee

Position: Jungle
Role: Assassin

Hit Points (HP) 761 (+67) HP Regen 3.54 (+0.31)
Energy Points (EP) 280 (+33) EP Regen 1.87 (+0.22)
Weapon Damage 79 (+7.8) Attack Speed 1 (+0.008)
Armor 18 (+4) Shield 18 (+4)
Attack Range 1.7 Move Speed 3.25

Hooray! Koshka is very good at, um, let's see, playing, and dancing, and poking you with her long sharpened love claws, and playing hide and seek, and then, surprise! You found her, but you can't catch her, but wait, are you bleeding? Oops, you died. There is no more joy for life and eagerness to embrace a challenge than the happy terrifying mystery that is Koshka. The savvy observer might question whether she's even aware she's in a fight at all.She's an ideal jungler, and confident players will even invade the enemy-side jungle for fun and profit.



Bloodrush Edit

Slot: Heroic Perk

Koshka gains bonus move speed, armor & shield whenever she hits enemy heroes with an ability.


Pouncy Fun Edit

Slot: A

Koshka dashes to the target enemy and deals damage. Pounce cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds each time she executes a basic attack.


Twirly Death Edit

Slot: B

Koshka twirls, damaging all enemies around her. She gains a boosted basic attack for each enemy hit by the twirl (up to 12). Twirl cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds each time she executes a basic attack.


Yummy Catnip Frenzy Edit

Slot: C

Koshka leaps at her target then launches into a flurry of slashes, stunning the target for the entire 2.2 second duration. Cooldown is reduced by 1 second each time she executes a basic attack.

What you need to know: Edit

  • Koshka is an in-your-face assassin adept at getting the kill and then getting out.
  • Focus on assassinating weak targets and locking down the most lethal enemy.
  • She can easily overextend, so be careful not to outrun teammates.
  • She's extremely fast at clearing jungle camps.

Tips for playing Koshka: Edit

  • Hover on the edge of battle and pounce in and twirl to kill someone low health. Then, get out just as fast!
  • Place scout traps near jungle camps. This grants vision, allowing Koshka to pounce across walls for clutch escapes.
  • Use Koshka's ultimate to lock down the most dangerous opponent or to cancel enemy ultimates such as Adagio's.

Tips for playing Vs. Koshka: Edit

  • Focus her! If Koshka strays into the middle of a fight, take her out immediately. She's squishy and deadly.
  • Assume she's nearby. What looks like a 3v2 fight is likely really a 3v3 with a Koshka hiding around the corner. So, don't engage unless you're ready for her.
  • Catherine's Stormguard effectively limits and deflects Koshka's burst damage.