Petal Edit


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane/Jungle
Role: Sniper

Hit Points (HP) 620 (+66) HP Regen 2.07 (+0.22)
Energy Points (EP) 340 (+35) EP Regen 2.27 (+0.23)
Weapon Damage 70 (+6.4) Attack Speed 1 (+0.033)
Armor 20 (+6) Shield 20 (+6)
Attack Range 7.0 Move Speed 3.2

Herself grown from earth and sunlight, Petal is an adorable creature of the forest. As with all Meekos, she sees her role as Nature's caretaker, while being nourished and supercharged with magic from the rays of the sun. Petal's enthusiasm for battles surprises some, but as far as she's concerned, there's always a positive: Fallen heroes become compost for plant life!Petal commands a flock of Bramblethorn Pets (lovingly called munions) that she uses to swarm her enemies from long range. She excels at long, sustained fights where damage from her small army really adds up. She can even single handedly take out important objectives such as the Gold Mine & Minion Mines. Try starting Petal in the lane where the turrets keep her safe, but roam into the jungle to secure the Gold Mine when the time is right.



Bramblethorn Munions Edit

Slot: Heroic Perk

Petal controls three 'munion' pets who fight for her. Pets have 150 (+95 per level, +40% of crystal) health and 20 (+15 per level, +45% of crystal) damage.


Bramblethorn Seed Edit

Slot: A

Petal plants a seed right in front of her. Bramblethorn Seeds provide a small healing and armor aura when near them. Healing aura can stack up to 5 times from multiple seeds. Seeds last 2 minutes and do NOT grant vision.


Yay, Pets! Edit

Slot: B

Petal sprouts nearby seeds into Bramblethorn Pets that fight for her. Enemies standing on sprouting seeds take damage. Activating this ability will also heal any pets already present.


Spontaneous Combustion Edit

Slot: C

Petal commands her pets to explode one by one, dealing massive splash damage. Detonated pets become Bramblethorn Seeds.

What you need to know: Edit

  • Petal plants seeds that restore health over time when she or allies stand on them.
  • Petal can transform seeds into pets that fight for her from a distance.
  • Petal's unmatched basic attack and pet range allows her to harass like no one else.

Tips for playing Petal: Edit

  • Use your range! Your basic attack is longer than most enemies, giving you an advantage in lane.
  • Sprout no more than 5 seeds in close proximity for healing (doesn't stack beyond that).
  • Wait to explode: Some enemies can outrun Spontaneous Combustion, so wait until they're committed to a fight.

Tips for playing Vs. Petal: Edit

  • SAW's Suppressing Fire can wipe out and nullify Petal's pets, especially in lane.
  • Avoid exchanging fire in lane, as Petal will outrange you and win the trade.
  • Watch Petal's energy bar: Players who abuse Petal's abilities will be vulnerable when low energy.