SAW Edit

Attack Type: Ranged

Position: Lane
Role: Sniper

Hit Points (HP) 672 (+71) HP Regen 2.40 (+0.25)
Energy Points (EP) 150 (+15) EP Regen 1.00 (+0.11)
Weapon Damage 50 (+3.4) Attack Speed 1 (+0.01)
Armor 20 (+4) Shield 20 (+4)
Attack Range 6.5 Move Speed 3.1

The best offense is a good offense. With his identity shrouded in mystery, little is known about the man behind the mask. Terrified survivors have pieced together random details: stolen hardware, black market chrysalis armor plating, artifacts both stolen and homemade—and a gun torn from the underbelly of a dreadnaught airship. Together, they form the visage of one of the most unapologetically destructive men alive. Still in his prime, SAW has crossed more lines and burned more bridges than most could in a lifetime. With him there's no tricks or martial arts; just high-velocity cannon fire until nothing moves.SAW has arguably the highest damage potential in the game ... but at the huge expense of mobility. Excellent at sieging important locations, SAW zones out entire regions from the enemy team with suppressing fire. Try starting him in lane, farm as much gold as possible, then make your presence felt wherever needed.



Spin Up Edit

Slot: Heroic Perk

Each basic attack increases SAW's attack speed & decreases his move speed (up to 12 Spin Up stacks).


Roadie Run Edit

Slot: A

SAW sprints & switches to a melee combat knife. If SAW attacks someone, he will deal bonus damage based on the target's missing health & leap backwards. Activating this ability clears all stacks of Spin Up. Crystal will boost the speed up, up to a maximum of +2.0.


Suppressing Fire Edit

Slot: B

SAW fires a hurricane of bullets in a set direction for 2.5 seconds, damaging and slowing enemies in its path. Activating this ability grants all stacks of Spin Up.


Mad Cannon Edit

Slot: C

SAW loads explosive shells into his gun. Each shot deals splash damage and is guaranteed to be a critical strike and deals additional damage based on the target's missing health. This explosive ammo fires 36% slower and grants 2 stacks of Spin Up.

What you need to know: Edit

  • SAW is all offense. He's more likely to mow down enemies than escape from them.
  • By sacrificing move speed for insane attack speed, SAW becomes more dangerous and terrifying the longer a fight goes.
  • Once locked down in rapid fire, SAW's only real means of mobility is Roadie Run.

Tips for playing SAW: Edit

  • Use Roadie Run to escape SAW's natural slow-down. It's often your only hope.
  • Once you have full Spin Up, just keep shooting. You have a much greater chance of killing an enemy than escaping it. Offense is SAW's best defense.
  • Suppressing Fire grants full Spin Up! It can also wipe out entire minion waves and Petal's pets.

Tips for play Vs. SAW: Edit

  • SAW's incredibly deadly at full Spin Up. So, use Catherine's stun, Glaive's knock-back or Koshka's ultimate to cancel that Spin Up.
  • When SAW has committed with Suppressing Fire, flank around the bullets and attack. He'll be slow to respond.
  • Pay close attention to when SAW is naturally slowed. This is the time to pounce.