Vox Edit

Attack Type: Resonance

Position: Jungle
Role: Sniper

Hit Points (HP) 632 (+65) HP Regen (+)
Energy Points (EP) 200 (+24) EP Regen (+)
Weapon Damage 52 (+2.5) Attack Speed 1 (+0.04)
Armor 20 (+6) Shield 20 (+6)
Attack Range 4.5 Move Speed 3.4

Vox is a mobile sniper with a high-energy playstyle, able to quickly and frequently dash around the battlefield. Vox deals significant damage either to a single target or to groups of enemies depending on his build. This flexibility allows Vox to react according to the needs of his team.



Julia's Song Edit

Slot: Heroic Perk

Vox's basic attacks also deal crystal power as bonus damage and grant Vox an HP barrier, up to a max cap. When attacking enemies with Resonance, this damage will bounce to nearby enemies, refresh Resonance and also grant a barrier.


Sonic Zoom Edit

Slot: A

Vox dashes in the targeted direction, throwing two attacks to the nearest enemy (prioritizing heroes). Overdrive: The first attack applies Resonance.


Pulse Edit

Slot: B

Vox emits a sonic pulse that echoes off nearby enemies and applies Resonance. The pulse applies a slow that is significantly stronger near its center. Each upgrade to Pulse increases the damage Vox's basic & bouncing attacks deal to targets with Resonance.


Wait for It... Edit

Slot: C

Vox fires an ultrasonic wave that applies Resonance to enemies in its path and refreshes all Resonance. Shortly after, a wide shockwave explodes along the same path, dealing crystal damage and silencing enemies. Striking enemy heroes with the shockwave will also cause Resonance to bounce.